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About Us

beer Craft Tapp started from the love of craft beer and the special moments between the Founder and his Father. While watching Hockey Night in Canada over some craft beer one evening, the Founder’s father mentioned that his local business permit was denied because a larger franchise purchased business rights in the complex. Throughout the conversation they discussed how starting a business to compete with the larger franchise was almost impossible. Landlords tend to side with large franchises and these franchises have more money to both offer landlords, have a higher chance of success, and usually get first priority in large complexes that will otherwise have high traffic. Small businesses are then forced to go to less dense areas in hopes of growing their business and miss out on the foot traffic solely because franchises purchases area rights.

Over that beer that evening, they discussed if craft breweries were facing the same problem considering many breweries at the time were operating from less dense industrial parks and were mostly making their revenues from bar and restaurants sales.

The founder wanted to learn if they were in fact experiencing that issue and after speaking with them realized that this was true for many especially start-up breweries.

To compete with the likes of the large Macro breweries, similar to franchises that impact local businesses, start-up breweries are going to face a uphill battle in terms of getting recognized and making sales. That is when the founder took the idea of collectively bringing together the local breweries and try to go head to head with the large Macro businesses.

As a result Craft Tapp launched the Craft Tapp Beer Club in 2017, a subscription beer club that focused on helping more Albertan breweries get more exposure and sales across the province especially as the province was still feeling the oil downturn. 

But the mission to help local breweries didn’t stop there! At the end of 2018, Craft Tapp wanted to help more local breweries across the country and that led to the creation of the provincial beer club in Ontario. 

A few months into the provincial beer clubs in both Alberta and Ontario, more and more breweries wanted us to get into their province. Instead what we decided to do, especially in a time that the world seemed to be dividing, was unify Canadians through the love of local craft and supporting local Canadian businesses more accessible by taking the club Nationwide!

More people wanted to experience Canadian Craft Beer on their terms without getting a subscription and wanted the ability to choose their beers to get more of what they love and less of what they didn’t.

That was when the Craft Tapp Bottleshop was created! COVID-19 only reemphasized the importance of supporting local business through this unprecedented time and local alcohol manufacturers everywhere were feeling the impact. That’s when Craft Tapp decided to open it all local craft producers including wineries, distilleries, ciders, and non-alcoholic producers!

In our shop, Canadians are now able to buy directly from their favourite Breweries, Distilleries, Cideries, Wineries, and Meaderies across Canada! This is our way helping Canadians to continue to support the Local Alcohol Industry across Canada and spearheading the #Beerwithoutborders movement!

Suport Local! Explore Canada! Drink Responsibly!