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About Us

beer Craft Tapp was created to unite and connect Albertans from all corners of this beautiful province in enjoying and trying Alberta-brewed craft beer.

Following the downturn in oil, Alberta’s economy took a downward spiral and it was felt through every Albertan. As Albertans always do, we stood together and helped cultivate a new industry that was crucial to supporting Alberta, Craft Beer. The Craft Beer community is a very tight-knit group of people that are always willing to help one another out and aim to support local. Craft Tapp wants to grow the tight-knit community to include everyone in Alberta regardless which city you live in.

Craft Tapp is more than just craft beer delivery, we make sure each brewery gets to share their personal story and inspiration behind their brewery and beer. We truly bring the brewery tour and tasting to your front door.

In a world of technological advances, we want all Albertans to have access to local craft beer within their fingertips. By signing up for a subscription you will not only get exclusive savings and early access to seasonal beers, but also get bonus perks for giving us your feedback on the beers you try!

We are committed to working with breweries everywhere in Alberta to help share their product and story to every Albertan!

We offer a 6-pack subscription right now, but will be moving to a 12-pack and an On-Demand service in the coming months.

Let’s Drink Local!