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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Craft Tapp?
Craft Tapp is a solution local craft beer, spirit, wine, and non-alcohol enthusiasts to explore and safely enjoy the growing world of Local Canadian Craft! Through the Craft Tapp Beer Club and the Craft Tapp Bottleshop, you can purchase, explore, and support local craft producers across the country!
What is the Craft Tapp Beer Club?
We work closely with new and existing independently-owned local craft breweries to send you their variety of beers to your door! A new local brewery each month! Bringing the taproom beer flight directly to your home and turning your living room into your personal taproom
What is the Craft Tapp Bottleshop?
Spearheading the #Beerwithoutborders movement, Craft Tapp works with local breweries, wineries, distilleries, and non-alcoholic producers to assist in safely and securely delivering products to consumers across the country in line with provincial regualtions
Do I have to be a subscriber to use the Bottleshop?
Not at all! You can choose to be a Craft Tapp Beer Club Subscriber or just use the Craft Tapp Bottleshop, or both!


Do I know what I will be getting?
Nope! That’s the beauty of it! You will get all the beers (and maybe even an early seasonal or an exclusive) from a different local Canadian craft brewery.
What if I don’t like some of the beers that I received?
Although Craft Beer is amazing, there might be some flavours that you may not like but that’s the beauty of tasting new beers! Our aim is to give you a variety of beers from the brewery so that you can taste as much of them. You can continue your journey in Craft Beer knowing what you like and dislike and even purchase more of what you would like (and less of what you don’t) at the Craft Tapp Bottleshop
Can I cancel my subscription half-way through?
We will be sad to see you go, but you totally can cancel no-charge. Just log into your account and cancel the subscription! However be sure to cancel before your renewal date. If your renewal has already been processed, please contact within 24 hours of the renewal, otherwise we will not be able to refund that order.
What happens if the bottles/cans are broken?
Although that is very rare, we understand mistakes can happen. First and foremost, don’t drink from the box because your safety is first priority. Second, if possible, take a picture of the leaky box and bottles. Third contact us at and someone will get back to you in 24 hours.
Can I add extra beer into my package?
Not into the Craft Tapp Beer Club, but you can use the Craft Tapp Bottleshop and purchase more products that you enjoy and have them delivered to you!
I have more questions that I need answered, where can I contact you?
No sweat! We are always ready to talk to fellow craft beer fans! Feel free to drop us a message at


Can I gift a subscription?
Yes! Just purchase the subscription like you normally would and ensure all the address information is for the recipient including their full name as the person receiving the shipment has to be of legal age and must be the individual to sign for it. If the name is incorrect our shipping partners reserve the right to refuse the release of the product, especially considering it is alcohol. Ensure you cancel in “My Orders” prior to the renewal otherwise the gift will continue to be renewed automatically with the credit card on file.
I love craft beer from another province, but I don’t live there, can I still get it?
Yes! You can purchase from the Craft Tapp Bottleshop! All the provincial limitations are already part of the website. If you select from a craft brewery, winery, or distillery that is not offering delivery to your province or if the amount you ordered exceeds the regulations, you will be notified and you will need to modify your order. All non-alcoholic products can be shipped across the country.
Are there are any provinces that Craft Tapp does not operate in or offer breweries from?
Yes, at this time and due to provincial restrictions Saskatchewan is not a supported province.


How does it work when I sign up for a subscription?
You will get billed on the day you sign up for the next month’s delivery and then your subscription will be renewed until you cancel. If you intend to cancel, please be sure to cancel prior to your next renewal
Do you take Debit card or Prepaid Visa/Mastercard?
No, it has to be a valid credit card
Do you take Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.)?
Not yet, but we will soon!
Can I change my shipping/billing address half-way through a subscription?
Yes absolutely! Log in through the “My Account” tab at the bottom of the page and you will be able to change it. However if an address is changed after the order, the original address will be used for that delivery.


When do I get my order?
Beer Week is the 3rd week of every month, however due to COVID-19 we are experiencing delays with our shipping times. Please expect delays as our shipping partners put safety first for their team and staff.
What if I am not home when it comes?
Because it’s alcohol, we can’t leave it at your door. A note will be left on your door directing you to go to the nearest Canada Post. We send you a tracking number so you know exactly where it is and when it’s on the way!
Can my significant other/children sign for the package if I am busy or not home?
Sadly no. The name on the order will be the only individual who will be able to sign for it.
Will I get a receipt?
Yes absolutely! We will be giving two separate receipts through email.
What shipping carrier do you use?
We proudly use Canada Post!
Can I track my package?
Absolutely! Once it goes into transit, we will share a tracking number with you!
How long until I get my order?
We send them off a week in advance to make sure there is ample time for you to get it by the Friday, however due to COVID-19 we are experiencing delays for everyone by an extra 1-5 business days. At this time we cannot guarantee when the package will arrive. The best solution due to the global pandemic is to continue to monitor your tracking number for updates.