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For Breweries

Want to sell your Beer, Spirits, Wine, Cider, Mead, Non-Alcoholic beverages Online?

Calling all Canadians who own or work at any locally owned non-alcoholic and alcoholic brewery, winery, cidery or distillery in Canada that make amazing products! Take control of your own prices, volumes, and products and receive orders 24/7/365 on our technology and distribution platform.

Craft Tapp is a technology platform helping craft beer, wine, craft spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages reach a larger market within their province (and if you’re licensed across the country) by leveraging our seamless platform and high-volume shipping rate!

Imagine making your quality and premium products but only really sharing it with people who come to your location. What if you had the ability to reach and impact people who located everywhere in your province!

Gone are the days that you can sell and distribute your beers, spirits, and wines in just your local area! If you manufacture in Calgary, you can sell and ship to people all over Alberta! What if you brew in Toronto, well now you can sell and ship to all of Ontario!

Imagine having a digital storefront where you control your brewery or winery or distillery just as you would you physical location, with live and full control of your prices, products with real-time inventory management, order management, and invoice all in one private dashboard!

Imagine working with a platform that is exclusively focused on you, your brand, your products and supporting local! Craft Tapp is not just a distributor, but a partner to ensure we can get your products to the most people in Canada. We grow and adapt with you!

Your products that you’ve perfected deserve the opportunity to get into as many hands as possible and in the era of technology, geography should be the last barrier making that from happening!

Why let liquor stores take the mark-up on products that you made? Take advantage of our high-volume shipping rate and take control of your own prices and products and promotions directly from your digital storefront no matter where you’re located!

Whether you are in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto or ANYWHERE in Canada, we will tackle the logistics and let you get back to brewing that local goodness :)

Feel free to email and one of our team members will reach out to you in 24 hours.