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How It Works

The Craft Tapp Nationwide Bottleshop allows you to purchase your favourite local alcohol beverages from local producers all across Canada! Whether you are in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia or ANY province - we will get your brews to you!
We offer 2 great options for you to choose from:

CraftTapp Beer Club

Each month you will receive a mix variety of beer from a different local brewery from Canada! In each box will consist of 4L of products alongside the brewery tasting notes and the brewery story on who they are and their inspiration!

Simply join the Craft Tapp Beer Club by selecting the Monthly Subscription option and patiently wait for the Craft Tapp Box (“Black Box”). Explore Canada through beer and join the many Canadians in drinking together and supporting local!

All subscriptions are auto-renewed and you can always cancel without any fees! The Craft Tapp Beer Club renews on the 25th of every month and the cut off is always the first Saturday of the month for New Members!

Once you’re all set up, you can do the easiest thing (or the hardest)…wait for that Black Box.

More questions? Contact and someone can help you out in 24 hours!
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Orders go out on the 3rd week of every month. Free Shipping Canada-wide.

CraftTapp Botteshop

Whether you’re wanting that perfect craft beer from a Brewery in Nova Scotia or a winery from Alberta, or challenging yourself for Dry February.
Simply find the local brewery, winery, or distillery you want!
Select their products from their digital storefront and add to your cart!
Sip and Enjoy!